Nikon 18-135 Review

Nikon 18-135 Review

“A solid value and nothing to scoff at”

nikon nikkor 18-135

Wide open this lens has some noticeable flaws, but if you force it to using a more closed aperture (say F8), many of those become less apparent. Even if you’re forced to shoot wide open or you don’t know better, you can correct the aberrations and vignetting in software.

While some prefer the slightly better build of the 18-70mm, I’d take the extra 65mm (close to 100mm on the DSLRs that use these lenses) any day over a distance scale and a metal lens mount. For crying out loud it’s an autofocus walk around lens, so distance scales are relics for few people to use and the mount is a moot point, since it will stay on 99% of the time. As for focus speed, it’s great. There are faster focusing lenses, but not with a comparable zoom range for the price. Nikon is not a charity, they design sophisticated lenses, build them to high tolerances, and sell them to a loyal following at a fair price. Yes a $1000 lens will be better than a $330 one, and yes a $2500 lens collection will do better than a $330 lens. I should hope so!

Enough of the weaknesses, which plenty of other folks will write about, it is a very good lens. 135mm is about as long of a lens that I would want without VR stabilization, but it works well when there is ample light. Since it’s only intended for DSLRs, bumping the ISO is always an option to assure shake free shutter speeds.

Why isn’t this a 5* review, well, I can honestly tell you that there are many people with defective lenses in need of repair/replacement. I believe those issues have been fixed, but it’s not a good circumstance. I recommend that you be sure to buy a genuine US copy with a full warranty–don’t fall for any extended warranty though, as it’s got a generous 5 years from Nikon. Being to ‘po boy I am, I opted for one of those refurbished ones, hoping it was a unit that was returned by someone expecting a perfect lens at a bargain price, and a double check by Nikon assured that it is and likely will always be fully functional. No regrets thus far.

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Nikon 18-135 Review by Shane O. Laake "computer nerd" (Columbus, OH)
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