Nikon 18-55 Wide Angle Review

Nikon 18-55 Wide Angle Review

“Longer-Bigger than expected”

nikon nikkor 18-55

I have this on my D80 all the time. I bought it to replace my mid-range zoom 18-135mm kit lens after reading on Ken Rockwell’s site. I also bought a 70-300mm G lens for $140. I now have the range I always wanted and don’t care that I have to change lenses (I didn’t want to spend $650 on the 18-200mm). I also have a 50mm f1.8

However, this lens is much longer than I expected. See dpreview’s review. When the focus and zoom are at their max it is longer than my 18-135mm’s shortest length…this surprised me. Also, the plastic mount is disappointing. However, I actually find it more useful to have this setup than my 18-135mm. I do not care about the noise that everyone else hears from the VR.

I like the build quality vs. the 18-55mm II lens, but I’m not sure if the VR is “worth it” for me just yet. I’m sure Mr. Rockwell is right about his tests, but I haven’t noticed the difference with or with out the VR.

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Nikon 18-55 Wide Angle Review by K. SAWYER "juris theos" (Portland, OR)
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