Nikon 18-55mm Review

Nikon 18-55mm Review

“VR Works Great, but noisier than non-VR lens”

nikon nikkor 18-55

I got this for my birthday at the end of May.
I liked the 18-55mm non-VR that I use on my D40, and the pictures taken with this lens look just as great.
What I like:
The actual lens itself looks better than the non-VR version. It’s hard to explain, but the texture of the casing is better.
VR works great, I’ve taken many pictures at 1/4 of a second handheld that turn out crystal clear. Just for S&Gs, I turned VR off and tried the same shots and they were blurry. So it works!

What I don’t like:
Seems noisier than the non-VR version. It’s a squeaky noise that I can hear when the lens hunts for focus.
Also, it seems to hunt for focus more than my older lens did.

All in all, I recommend it. I only have three lenses now, and this one stays on almost all the time.

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Nikon 18-55mm Review by D. Fox (poway, ca United States)
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