Nikon 80-200 ED Review

Nikon 80-200 ED Review

“Quick and clean”

nikon nikkor 80-200

The lens shown here is great. I just got mine the other day and right when I saw it i loved it. I was recommended to this product by a friend of mine. I really wanted a fast lens for sport and indoor photography and I didnt have over $1000 so this ruled out the nikon 70-200 f2.8 lens. I only tried it out on a handful of occasions but the results so far was amazing. The actual lens is very big and very heavy. I dont think the pictures here do the lens very much justice. I recommend this lens to anyone who shoots pictures in poor lighting or just wants that nice soft blurry background for portrait pics.

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reviews of nikon 80-200mm

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Nikon 80-200 ED Review by Ray Quero
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