Nikon 80-200 Review

Nikon 80-200 Review

“Sharp and fast, heavy and slow”

nikon nikkor 80-200

This is a top-notch lens, tack sharp and fast (f/2.8) across it’s entire zoom range. The built-in tripod collar will save a lot of stress on your camera mount, you’ll see why when you lift this sucker – it feels like a brick. On the downside, auto-focusing can be a little slow. If you have an older camera body with an underpowered auto-focus motor it may not be able to keep up with a fast moving target. My N90s can handle it pretty well, but I don’t do many action shots. If you shoot sports or other fast action, you should consider the AF-S version. It’s internal motor eases the load on the camera and improves focus speed, but make sure you’re body can use AF-S lenses.

If you’re a casual photographer who generally uses fast film, this lens is probably overkill. If you’re very serious and shoot slow film, it will help you squeeze out every stop possible. The wide aperture is also great for minimizing depth of field, very useful if you shoot through wire at the zoo and for isolating subjects against a busy background (think great portraits). If you do get it, do yourself a favor and get a good monopod, your arms will thank you! I can’t stress enough that this thing is *HEAVY*!

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Nikon 80-200 Review by Joseph Lazzaro (League City, TX United States)
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