Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D Review

Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D Review

“a must own”

nikon nikkor 80-200

This lens is THE lens to own if you want to shoot indoor sports. The newspaper I work for has me out on a lot of volleyball, hockey and basketball beats, and this lens does not come off my camera. I have taken this lens out to soccer games and baseball games but use it mainly as back up. If you want to shoot these sports you’ll want something up in the 300-400 range. Soccer especially.

The 2.8 aperture is a must for these low (and orange/brown) light situations. I was using a 200mm f4 but fell just short of being able to freeze the action perfectly without any blur. The little bit of extra light makes a world of difference.

I shoot with a D80 and find that I can keep my ISO down around 400 and be very comfortable with the results. In my situation (newsprint) I could go as high as 800 and be alright with it, but the glass in this lens lets me keep it low.

If you are in the fence, pick this lens up. For under 1000 bucks you can’t beat it. It’s ultra wide, and doesn’t lose any sharpness at 2.8.

The only situation where you should not buy this lens is if you own a D40 or D40x. These bodies will not support the AF function of this lens, and seeing as how this is a great medium tele sports lens, not having AF would make this lens a bust.

They make a version with a built in motor that will communicate the D40 and D40x but it’ll cost you close to 800 more.

As a side note this lens is heavy (as are most 2.8 tele lenses) There is a lot of big glass in this lens and after an hour or so of shooting hand held you will really want a mono pod. This lens has a great tripod shoe, so don’t be afraid to throw it up on mono and go to town, your arms will appreciate the help

One final note. If you are undecided about this lens because it does not have any sort of optical stabilization or vibration reduction consider what you will be using this for. If you are shooting sports or action you wont need and it wont use it. If you are shooting from a tripod or good mono pod, you wont need and wont use it. The VR is only good in handheld situations when the object you are photographing is stationary.

This lens is a 5 star lens

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Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D Review by Donna Kasowitz
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