Nikon 80-200mm Zoom Review

Nikon 80-200mm Zoom Review

“Fast and Sharp”

nikon nikkor 80-200

Crystal clear images. Large aperture is also a handy thing. The build seems as solid as anyone would need. The optical quality is a bit better than the ultra zooms in the same price range. Finally, with the designated hood, on a large DSLR, you’ll get respect regardless of your skill level. It looks classy.
Like everyone else has said for years, it’s heavy, and with the lighter, newer lenses coming out, I imagine this one will be purchased less and less. Don’t buy this lens for use of macro setting, it’s not as close you may need.

Don’t even think about buying a previous version of this lens without the tripod collar on it. That’s your only prayer of getting sharp images, because of the weight of the lens.
This is awesome, and more than worth the money. You may never need to upgrade unless you really find it necessary for the VR function on the new stuff.

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reviews of nikon 80-200mm

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Nikon 80-200mm Zoom Review by Matthew Howard (Kennett, MO)
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