Nikon 85mm Prime Lens Review

Nikon 85mm Prime Lens Review

“You won’t believe your eyes until you see it for yourself”

nikon nikkor 85 f/1.4

Stellar lens from Nikon, probably one of the Top 5 best ever made.

Say “available light” and you will see me drool. This lens makes almost everything possible when shooting under low light, concert stages, in-door concerts and of course this is a sublime portrait lens.

Get your metering and exposure readings from a few test shots, and then stick to Manual from there on. Make it do things you think it cannot handle and then let it surprise you with the lighting, the depth of field, the smooth blurred background.

Focusing is fast to me. I dont own the 70-200 AF-S VR [yet] so cannot compare responsiveness in that respect, but I shot a whole evening at a recent athletics event and did not feel that it could not keep up. I had trouble keeping u with the athletes!

The build is strong, all metallic body, the lens hood is a screw-in metallic type.
Some people dont like those in particular but I reckon once you mount your hood, it should just stay there permanently.
There is a way to fix the lens cover even with the hood on. The lens cover is a snap-on type, so just make you go fully in and then release the snaps to see the cover stay put on the glass.

This lens is a gem, no questions asked.
If possible test it before buying it. After all, it may be your style to use this focal lenght on a D2 or equivalent, but I can assure you that once you have seen the results, you will be a believer 🙂

Save up and enjoy this very fine piece of engineering.

Thank you Nikon!

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Nikon 85mm Prime Lens Review by Justine Bhandary (Switzerland)
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