Nikon AF 50 Review

Nikon AF 50 Review

“Understand What You are Looking Through”

nikon nikkor 50 f/1.4

I’m a profesionally trained photographer. I’ve used old manual focus, split focusing cameras and lenses. Now, if I have to bring one lens out on a shoot with me, it’s the 50mm 1.4/f.
The focal length is just enough where the distortion at the edges of photos will be unnotoicable. The apperature (f stop) is low enough to blur out the background and gives you the ability to shoot in low light conditions without blur or a flash. If you are around four feet to your subject, the intended focus area will be super sharp and an inch away will start to lose focus. These traits are ideal for portraits and make this lens reliable in almost any situation.
Because it is a prime lens (does not zoom) you have to move around more and learn how to crop.

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Nikon AF 50 Review by J. Schmitt (Japan)
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