Nikon AF 80-200 Review

Nikon AF 80-200 Review

“My favorite lens – it does weight a ton (and a half)”

nikon nikkor 80-200

Okay, if you got the dough to shelf out ~$1700 for the VR 70-200, go for it. Stabilization can really help with this kind of heavy lens. This sucker does weight close to 3 pounds by itself, and personally a beautiful lens to behold. It’s very well constructed and takes great picture too.

I use this on a D80, typically shoot aperature priority. It’s very sharp but does exhibit slight distortion at widest aperature. Dial it down to around f/4, it gets super sharp. The AF is fast on the D80, and switching to manual zone is a breeze.

If you’re not a tripod/monopod person, you’ll be looking for bracing a lot when shooting. Steady hands and a tree… Minimum focus distance is 5.5′

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reviews of nikon 80-200mm

Price Range: $XXXX to $1679.79
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Nikon AF 80-200 Review by Shawn Chen "shawnbert" (Cupertino, CA USA)
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