Nikon SB900 Reviews | SB-900 Speedlight Flash

nikon sb900 reviews The Nikon SB900 Speedlight Flash has received continued and snowballing praise and buzz since its release a little while ago and for great reason, the new SB-900 Speedlight is Nikon’s new flagship flash unit, and nikon long been known for its tremendous quality and performance in the whole lighting/flash deperatment.

It hasn’t been out for too long, but already stacking up are Nikon SB900 Reviews, mostly all rating the product very highly and speaking of its many strong pros, relatively few cons and the many areas of use in which the nikon sb 900 flash unit accells for amateurs, enthusiasts and experts alike.

Commonly reported Pros in Nikon SB900 Reviews

Nikon SB900 Reviews report that it is quiet, has surprisngly fast recycling, durable and sturdy, easy to use and clean, interchangeable and does the job better then its SB800 predeccesor.

Common Cons reported in Nikon SB-900 Reviews:

Although the cons are heavily outweighed and outnumbered by the pros across the Nikon Speedlight SB900 reviews that have surfaced so far, a few people have called the unit Heavy and cumbersome when you compare the SB900 vs the SB800 speedlight flashes. Other cons reported twice have talked about the unit having bad heat output and of course the standard con? It wouldn’t hurt for Nikon to lower the damage to our bank accounts with the unit being a bit expensive, although experts and many enthusiasts say its expensively worth it, so you might want to hold off till prices drop if you are barely going to be using your new Speedlight SB 900 Flash toy 🙂

SB 900 Reviews around the web:

Read Reviews from Amazon is the internets biggest online store and also quite possibly the cheapest and most reliable for many to most products available, consistently has the most reviews for photography products and tech gear due to its size and customer satisfactoin levels.

Nikon SB900 CNET webpage, look for CNET’s Nikon SB-900 speedlight webpage to fill up with reviews, ratings and comments from customers and users as they ussually do with their massive audience as one of the internets biggest Consumer Electronics sites of all time

More Nikon SB-900 consumer reports and discussion:

  • I found that this is a great flash for shooting things like weddings because you can control the zoom and also set the light distribution pattern. The only downside is a big flash like this can overheat easier than others so you have to watch the thermal or you might find yourself without a flash for a couple minutes. Read More: Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Flash Review
  • Nikon has come to be the superior brand in the camera world, surpassing my personal choice, Canon. Looking back on what I did it may have been a bit drastic but… Read More: Review of Nikon SB900
  • I bought the Nikon Speedlight SB 900 because I really liked my SB 800 but needed a second flash. I’m amazed at how much more I like this new Speedlight over the old Read More: Nikon Speedlight SB 900 Review
  • I shoot weddings for a living and bought myself a Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Flash to replace my SB-600. It was a difficult decision between the 800 and the 900 but Read More: Nikon SB900 Flash Review
  • I bought myself a SB-900 to replace my SB-800 as my master flash. I find it has a much better menu system with the dial to change Read More: Review of Nikon SB-900

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