Coolpix P6000 Review

Quote: “Good as a P&S only I think.”
Rating: Coolpix P6000 Review
Review From: Clell Alden at

let me start out by saying I know nothing about camera’s. I am your every day user.
Eric Hwang has put most of the concerns I have about this camera. I have only had this camera for about three hours now and see the power and GPS issues he talks about. I need to take pictures at remote radio sites on public land. I wanted to be able to know where the picture was taken. I order to find the name of the mountain and name of the site after a week or two on the road.
I wise that Nikon would have used the USB power as a charger too. With the GPS on the battery life is short. I think it was about two hours just sitting on the table connected to my laptop. The owner’s manual tells you to turn on the GPS off when the camera is not in use so that it does not run the battery down.
The software that comes with the camera is not as good as the FREE software that comes with Canon’s P&S cameras. Nikon wants you to pay for their program called Capture NX 2. I have not used it yet, so I don’t know why I would pay for the program yet.
My needs for the options that don’t work nicely on this camera may cause me to send it back. I will test this camera out for a day or two once I get the memory card, camera came with little internal memory. This is my first and may be my last Nikon. Yes, I am a Canon fan to date and if this is how all Nikon’s are than I may stay that way.
This is how I see its faults.


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