Coolpix S60 Review

Quote: “Disappointed”
Rating: Coolpix S60 Review
Review From: Wayne Chen at

When I first heard about this camera, I was so excited I pre-ordered through Amazon. I’m so disappointed that I’m taking the time to write my first review ever.

This is a beautiful camera. I took it to my company party and everyone asked me about it. People love the fact that you can scroll through pictures “IPhone style”. But the pictures from the party came out terrible. It was grainy and sometimes blurry. I dismissed it because I was still sooo hot for this camera.

When I start taking pictures and videos of my kids at home, the true color came out. Under bright indoor condition, the color looked awful. The video switches color while the video is being taken! Picture looked reddish at times. I started playing in the manual mode and it did look a little better. But still not nearly as good as my 4+ year old 5M camera. Outdoor shots the pictures looked ok.

My mother in law was also in the market for a new camera so I lend her the S60. She’s not very tech savvy so it’s a real world test. She immediately had problems with the viewing and the “flipping” of the pictures. She also had problem zooming pictures in and out. Needless to say she didn’t like it. I bought her a T700 from Sony and she loves it.

I already got the return # from Amazon and it’ll be my first return ever from an online purchase. I hope you find my review helpful. I used to work in a photo lab and I owned 2 digital cameras before. Both, sadly to say, were better than the S60.


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