Coolpix S710 Review

Quote: “Exactly what I was hoping for”
Rating: Coolpix S710 Review
Review From: BDub at

I recently sold my Nikon Coolpix 8700, and was looking for a new camera that gave me picture quality equal to or better, and was a much smaller camera. I like taking pictures, but I’m not a photo guy. I basically want to aim, press the button and let the magic happen. Taking a chance I decided to try this camera, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s got a lot of options to go beyond just auto mode if I want to dive into that. My main thing was the picture quality though and the quality of photos is excellent. My wife has a Canon A700 that takes decent pictures so we did a comparison just using the auto settings. A picture of our dog in the house with all the lights off in one room, a picture with one light on, and a picture with all the lights on. I figure if the low light pictures are good, then I’ll be pretty happy with the daytime pictures.

While both cameras did a good job, our preference was the Nikon’s photos. The colors were closer to what we expected they should look like, and to our eyes appeared more natural. There wasn’t any noticeable noise in the photos, and the quality is very, very good.

The size of the camera is great. Shorter than my Blackjack cell phone, and about 2.5 times as thick. Definitely a camera that I could carry in the pocket of my jeans, or a jacket and not feel weighed down.


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