Nikon Coolpix S610 Review

Quote: “Nikon s610”
Rating: Nikon Coolpix S610 Review
Review From: Jeffrey Austin at

I own a few nikon dslr’s (d200/300/700) and went shopping for a p&S when my spouse’s sony dscT1 went bad after 4 years or so.

I went to circuit city and compared all the cameras. My technique was to zoom into the fire alarms located at the I-beams within the building. I didnt use flash and compared the new 13/14mp canon down to a fuzi finepix 20. my price range was 200-400 dollars. my gut was leaning towards the fuji and olympus cameras but the bottom line was the image quality of my test shots. Too bad I had to make these decisions using the lcd on the cameras themselves.

To wrap it up, along with the sales man’s unwillingly nod of agreement…the Nikon had the best image quality with least amount of noise when zoomed in on the final image.

other considerations:
simple…my wife wanted very few buttons and easy to use
didnt pay attention to the auto smile detector or other settings built in…just wanted to point and shoot with good quality.
this camera had like 4 buttons, menu, delete, zoom/wide, and the up/down arrows with center button. EZ
bottom line…simple to use and great image quality


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