Nikon S610C Review

Quote: “Good, not great”
Rating: Nikon S610C Review
Review From: D. Hsieh at

Just got my 610c and it’s good, not great.

Things I like:
– WiFi feature is pretty cool. Not exactly sure how much I’ll use it but it’s nice to be able to share pictures and have online backup on an extended trip, provided you can find a compatible hotspot.
– Picture quality is good. I’ve been a Canon user for years and I think the Canon Digic processor produces better pictures, but the Nikon is very good.
– Fast start up time
– Decent battery life, even with WiFi (plus some smart power features like wifi upload when you plug it in)
– Nice, large LCD viewfinder
– Good, intuitive UI
– Smile mode works well

Things I don’t like:
– The shutter speed seems slow, especially in red-eye mode. I find a lot of pics in redeye mode have the people with eyes closed. My Canons never did this.
– All the scene modes are a bit bewildering… I think it will take some time to figure out which modes work best in which situations.
– Proprietary connector for PC, looks like mini-USB, but isn’t


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