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Nikkor AF 55-200mm Review

June 3, 2008

Nikkor AF 55-200mm Review

“the VR works perfectly”

nikon nikkor 55-200

I was at first disappointed in my new Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G DX VR lens. Then I found the VR on/off switch on the side. Since then I have been pleased with the lens’ VR capability (what I bought it for).

My previous digital camera was a Canon PowerShot S1 IS. Without being aware of it, I became used to that little camera’s image stabilization. I casually took handheld shots that came out tack sharp. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on the image stabilization until a few months ago when I got my Nikon D80. I love the camera but was driven to using a tripod for most of my shots. I was taking close-up photos for publication and had to have perfect sharpness. And, I have two kittens; kittens beg impromptu, handheld shots. I was excited when I found this lens because of the low cost.

You really can take photographs three stops slower than is possible without a VR lens. That means more depth of field for close-up shots (used with a filter-like close-up lens). I’m taking my first manual mode outdoor photos so the extra speed range helps me out of tight spots.

The rest of the lens (construction, zoom range, weight) are just fine. One unexpected advantage is the lens’ 52mm filter size. Most of my lens accessories (close up lens set, teleconverter, extension tube set) are 52mm.

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Nikon 55-200mm ED IF AF-S Review

May 19, 2008

Nikon 55-200mm ED IF AF-S Review

“Incredible Bargain – Sharp Lens with VR for $250!”

nikon nikkor 55-200

This lens is sharp even at wide apertures, the VR (image stabilization) works great, autofocus speed is more than acceptable, and it it is very light and compact. The fact that it costs $250 and has effective VR is pretty amazing – no other company offers a lens with this feature for anywhere near this price.

As for image quality, search the various internet photo sites, such as dpreview and nikonians for sample photos taken with this lens by real users. The results are impressive! My copy produces similar results. The previous reviewer must have a bad sample.

Of course, the lens is slow (like almost all consumer zoom lenses), in that its widest aperture is smaller than a professional zoom or prime lens, so it’s not a good choice for action photography in lower light conditions (like indoor sports without flash or outside sports at dusk). But a fast telephoto zoom will cost at least three times as much and weigh a ton.
I give the lens 5 stars based on a combination of image quality, value, and compactness/lightness.

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Nikon 55-200 VR Review

April 13, 2008

Nikon 55-200 VR Review

“Excellent Bargain VR Lens!”

nikon nikkor 55-200
I’ve read both good and bad about this lens. But I wanted the features such as VR and decided to go ahead and get it. It arrived yesterday and I am very happy to tell you that its well worth the price and more. Its sharp from edge to edge and fast to focus. I have two other VR lenses, both I’m extremely happy with and this one falls in with them. I’m using this lens on a D80 and I’ve tried it several different conditions including overcast sky, moderate sunlight and indoor lighting and its given excellent results every time.

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Nikon AF 55-200mm Review

February 2, 2008

Nikon AF 55-200mm Review

Don’t expect a Mercedes for the price of a Hyundai- great lens for the price!!

nikon nikkor 55-200

I bought this lens to complement the 18-55mm lens that came with my D50. The people who criticize this lens certainly have the right to their opinions but I don’t feel they are keeping the price of the lens in perspective while reviewing the lens. One can spend thousands of dollars on a single Nikon lens. And to me, the fact that I can get a lens with great optics that’s a little slow but is incredibly light for under $200 is nothing short of miraculous. If you would have told someone in 1968 that a lens of this quality would be available for such a low price, they would have laughed. Nikon is indeed the king of making lenses and they had made a lens that allows those that are beginners or who can’t afford incredibly high priced lenses the ability to step into a very nice range lens with great optics for a pittance of what professional lenses cost. So what if it’s a little slow? If I had the money, I guess I’d be spending $1500 on every lens but the fact is I don’t have those resources and appreciate Nikon opening the door and letting me in on the fun too at a very reasonable price for a very reasonable quality lens. For those that dislike this lens, take it back and get a truly great lens for 10 times the price- they’re available- no ones’ stopping you- so why knock this lens down so badly? It services a certain market- those of us who want nice pictures but can’t afford super fast super expensive lenses. These lenses are what they are. Quit all the whining and either just enjoy the lens for what it can do considering it’s very low price or go out and buy that expensive lens that does everything you want it to. The super lenses are there for the buying. It’s Not like they’re not available and this is the only lens out there and Nikon is charging $700 dollars for it. I could understand some whining then. I got this lens on sale for $140. That’s incredible. Enjoy this lens for all that it can do for such a reasonable price!

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Nikon 55-200 Lens Review

January 29, 2008

Nikon 55-200 Lens Review

Wow! Nikon Digital Lenses Rock!

nikon nikkor 55-200

If you are looking for a scholarly, technical, or engineering review of the Nikon 55-200 lens, I do apologize. As a former Air Force photographer, studio photographer and avid amateur, I should talk about its specifications in great, knowing detail.

Sorry, I am too busy having fun again with my new lens and camera! What a zoom – look at the heavens – super portraits or get in close. Yahoo!

Go for it – you’ll love it and while the technical stuff is grand, with so many raving reviews, I won’t write another. Why is it that other artists (painters, musicians, writers etc.) can talk for hours about their art, without discussing their equipment?


Go ahead; buy it, try it, love it!

Now, go read all the great technical reviews while you are waiting for it to be sent to you.

North Dakota Paul

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