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Coolpix S60 Review

December 2, 2008
Quote: “Disappointed”
Rating: Coolpix S60 Review
Review From: Wayne Chen at

When I first heard about this camera, I was so excited I pre-ordered through Amazon. I’m so disappointed that I’m taking the time to write my first review ever.

This is a beautiful camera. I took it to my company party and everyone asked me about it. People love the fact that you can scroll through pictures “IPhone style”. But the pictures from the party came out terrible. It was grainy and sometimes blurry. I dismissed it because I was still sooo hot for this camera.

When I start taking pictures and videos of my kids at home, the true color came out. Under bright indoor condition, the color looked awful. The video switches color while the video is being taken! Picture looked reddish at times. I started playing in the manual mode and it did look a little better. But still not nearly as good as my 4+ year old 5M camera. Outdoor shots the pictures looked ok.

My mother in law was also in the market for a new camera so I lend her the S60. She’s not very tech savvy so it’s a real world test. She immediately had problems with the viewing and the “flipping” of the pictures. She also had problem zooming pictures in and out. Needless to say she didn’t like it. I bought her a T700 from Sony and she loves it.

I already got the return # from Amazon and it’ll be my first return ever from an online purchase. I hope you find my review helpful. I used to work in a photo lab and I owned 2 digital cameras before. Both, sadly to say, were better than the S60.


Nikon Coolpix S60 Digital Camera Review

December 2, 2008
Quote: “All That Glitters or How I Got Punk’d!”
Rating: Nikon Coolpix S60 Digital Camera Review
Review From: David Bijur at

The S60 is a piece of expensive crap. “Useless” is a understatement. I should have known better than to buy any camera which isn’t some form of TTL. This is strictly LCD and when it’s sunny out you can’t see didly. So, how about indoors? Nada! Forget it! The quality of the images is disgusting. Blurry, dark, even when you adjust the exposure. Whether you’re doing close ups or wide shots all images are equally horrible. Connecting to my IMac is also a problem. It doesn’t come up as a HDD, if anything at all and thus you must install some pretty worthless software. I can’t begin to explain how furious I am for falling for the eye candy rather than the function. No wonder I hate Ashton Kutcher…I got PUNK’D!

Nikon S60 Review

December 2, 2008
Quote: “Lovin’ it!”
Rating: Nikon S60 Review
Review From: Kristina Fulton at

I have loved loved loved my new camera. The quality of the pictures is awesome for a small digital camera. I love the fact that when you move the camera from side to side the picture changes positions like an iPod. The settings work fantastic as well and I love the touch screen. It also takes pictures close up very well. The resolution is good where as with other cameras I’ve had a problem of close ups. I recommend this camera for everyone-maybe not if you have really big or clumsy fingers because you might not like the touch screen since the icons are kind of small.

7 New Nikon Coolpix lining up for XMAS

November 12, 2008

Nikon has recently added a bunch of new cameras to their line of Coolpix point and shoots. Nikon breaks their Coolpix cameras into three different series. There are the performance, style, and life series that are all designed for different uses. Most of the new cameras Nikon has released are from the style series with only one addition to the performance series and one to the life series.

Nikon's XMAS 2008 additions

Nikon's XMAS 2008 additions

Five Styleish Additions for Coolpix ‘S’ Series:

Nikon's Styleish S60

Nikon's Stylish S60

In the Coolpix Style Series they have added the S60 (MSRP$350), S560 (MSRP$250), S610 (MSRP$280), S610c (MSRP$330), and S710 (MSRP$380). They are all 10 megapixels except for the S710 which is a huge 14.5 megapixels. The S610 and S610c are actually the same camera except the S610c adds Wi-Fi capabilities. The S610 and S610c have a 4x wide angle zoom, the S560 and S60 have a 5x optical zoom, and the S710 has a 3.6x wide angle zoom. They mostly have a 3” LCD screen except for the S560 which is 2.7” and the S60 which has a 3.5” touch screen. They all have optical vibration reduction image stabilization which is very nice because the electronic image stabilization some cameras have sucks. This VR technology does a great job keeping your pictures sharp.

The Nikon S560 has a smile shutter (takes picture as soon as it sees someone in the frame is smiling) and blink warning (warns you not to take a picture when somebody’s eyes are closed), a scene auto selector with 15 different scene modes, high quality video recording, red-eye fix, face priority auto focusing, d-lighting, and up to ISO 3200.

The Nikon S610 adds an active child mode that tracks moving objects to keep them in focus and one more scene mode. The Nikon S610c allows you to upload any pictures you take to myPicturetown for free up to 2 GB. You even get free Wayport hotspot service until August 31, 2011.

The Coolpix S710 is similar to the S610 except that it adds program, aperture, shutter, and manual exposure modes which give way more control to the more advanced users.

The Nikon Coolpix S60 is a fair bit different than the rest because it is all controlled by the touchscreen. The display is customizable and the only buttons are the on/off and the shutter release. Cool features made possible by the touchscreen are the touch autofocus and auto exposure that lets you touch a subject on the screen and it will track the object adjusting the focus and exposure to ensure an optimal picture. With the retouch function you can write on your pictures with the included stylus or your finger or attach a frame or stamps. One more cool feature only on the S60 is the HD Pictmotion slide show that lets you make a slide show with music you can watch on the camera or on a HDTV.

One High Performing DC for the Coolpix P Series:

Performance minded New P6000

Performance minded New P6000

In the Coolpix Performance Series the only addition is the Nikon Coolpix P6000 (MSRP$500). This is one of the best non-SLR cameras on the market and you are paying for it but it is worth the cost. This camera has 13.5 megapixels with a 4x optical zoom and two Nikkor ED glass elements. The back LCD is 2.7″ and they included an optical viewfinder which is very nice. Important features for the Nikon P6000 are the optical vibration reduction image stabilization, up to ISO 6400, GPS capability, red eye fix, d-lighting, face priority autofocus, wide angle lens converter, and the ability to control everything like aperture, shutter, and exposure settings manually similar to a d-SLR.

One More Value/Budget unit for the L series:

Affordability & Function L18

Affordability & Function L18

In the Coolpix Lifestyle Series the only addition is the Nikon Coolpix L18 (MSRP$130). This is a nice and simple little camera that gives you all you really need if you are literally just going to be using it to point and shoot without messing with settings or playing with features. Its 8 megapixels and 3x optical zoom are enough to take extremely clear pictures with any level of zoom. The Nikon L18 does have some useful features like red eye fix, face priority auto-focusing, d-lighting which improves brightness and detail in dark pictures, and an easy auto mode which takes away a lot of the extra options to make it as basic and straightforward to take nice pictures as possible.