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Nikon 70-200 mm Lens Review

July 11, 2008

Nikon 70-200 mm Lens Review

“Expose like a pro!”

nikon nikkor 70-200

I have used this lens for over 6 months now and have over 1k shots through it. It is as fantastic as others note herein. The 2.8 through the focus range is really great. Superb. The VR function is really a neat trick. It is super fun to play with.

The drawbacks are size and weight. After a 1/2 hour of shooting, your arms will get tired. Remember to be careful and hold the lens and not the camera. This lens is definately heavy enough to bend/warp the camera body.

Jan 07 update
This lens still gets a lot of action and I am still very happy. I have been using it for some portrait work with the VR turned off and it seems to produce some very high quality images with nice bokeh. I used it at a large wedding and it allowed me to get a variety of shots that would have ordinarily required lens changes. The 70 to 200 is a very nice range to get some very nice shots. A really right stuff modified foot (lcf-10? I think) is also useful. Have fun.

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Nikkor 70-200 Lens Review

June 12, 2008

Nikkor 70-200 Lens Review

“The Bomb”

nikon nikkor 70-200

This is it. I upgraded from the Sigma EX f2.8 80-200. I should have spent the money for the Nikon the first time. The Sigma is a very nice lens for less, and a good alternative, but if you want it all, go for the Nikon. Leave your tripod at home when you get this glass. I don’t know how this compares, but I’m shooting hand held with 1/30s shutter at full zoom (35mm equivalent of 300mm). The VR is phenomenal, the wide aperature delivers beautiful blur, and the overall fit and construction is flawless. Tack sharp images too.

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Nikon 70-200mm Review

May 31, 2008

Nikon 70-200mm Review

“Already a Legend!”

nikon nikkor 70-200

Yes, this lens is already legend, and no, it’s not just a bunch of people trying to justify spending a whole lot of cash on a lens. Make no mistake, this lens is BIG and expensive. It’s not fitting into your travel bag nor is it at home at a friend’s party. For that bring the 18-70mm, 28-200G or just bring a cheaper P&S type camera in case you spill beer on it!
The 70-200 VR is a pro level lens that gets almost everything right. It’s size is the byproduct of an optical design that really makes few, if any compromises. This lens is SHARP…as sharp as my 50mm prime and sharper wide open that you might believe or expect. On a D70 the focus is lightening fast and quite exact. Color rendition is the best I’ve seen. I do much less post processing when this baby is on the D70.
On the problematic side, this lens is BIG. It’s heavy and in the way, though reasonably easy to grasp. I added a Harbortronics portrait grip and the handling/balance is improved. It needs a big bag and focuses down to a bit under 5 feet. While it’s a fantastic portrait lens, you need room to get the most out of it. My first shots with this lens put my more experienced lenses to shame. The bokeh, or quality of out-of-focus areas were creamy and pleasing. Subjects had a 3D quality to them.
The VR system is exactly what you’d expect. I sat on my couch, framed the text on my DVD player about 8 feet away and shot at F/2.8 ISO 200 for a 1/2 second exposure. At 200mm (300mm on the D70) the image was sharp. Without VR I got a big blur.
The real question is: Do you need a 1700 dollar lens?
Answer: Only if you want it. The quality is all there at a level that has people talking about this lens like it’s magic. I have friends who shoot pro with Canon and Nikon. Even the Canon users say the 70-200VR is the best of it’s kind. Sell a kidney and buy one!

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Nikon 70-200 VR Review

March 7, 2008

Nikon 70-200 VR Review

“Want a perfect lens? Here it is. (At least as far as telezooms go)”

nikon nikkor 70-200

This lens has only two “faults.” First, it is big and heavy–quality construction often yields a heavy lens. Second, once the photographer has seen the results that this lens can produce, there is a likelihood that he or she will be unhappy with the other lenses in the camera bag.

Results first: the images are razor sharp with this zoom mounted on my Nikon D70s. I can get shots that I never could get before because this lens is so crisp that subjects taken at a distance nevertheless can be cropped to produce an acceptable close-up image. Subjects taken at more normal distances are breathtakingly sharp–as if shot with an excellent prime lens. This is a fast lens (F/2.8 throughout its entire zoom range). Almost more importantly, this lens has the best “Bokeh” that I have ever experienced in a lens. “Bokeh,” to the extent that I understand the concept (it is a Japanese word meaning roughly “unfocused”), is a word describing whether the out-of-focus portion of an image (i.e. a blurred background in a photo in which only the subject is in focus) has a pleasing look to it. This lens produces wonderful, creamy Bokeh. The sharpness and Bokeh, combined with the excellent bright color rendition of this lens, makes this one a true classic.

I have occasionally experienced minor ghosting on this lens when shooting into a very bright subject, i.e. the sun reflecting off of the ocean. This is a normal shortfall of a zoom lens comprised of a multitude of elements, and I have sometimes experienced this. But such occasions are rare.

The autofocusing action of this lens is very good. Even birds at very long distances usually produce a quick, snappy autofocus lock on my Nikon D70s. Very seldom does it “hunt” for an AF lock, and these occasions are likely due to operator error rather than the lens. This lens also features Vibration Reduction (VR) which enables it to produce acceptable images below what an F/2.8 lens would otherwise be suitable for. The VR really works, too, although it is by no means a panacea for dim lighting.

This is one of Nikon’s professional lenses, and the quality of construction is excellent. The critical mount is metal, and the entire lens is built like a tank. The lens comes with a nice squeeze-style lens cap, and a very good lens hood that can be easily reversed for storage.

The reader can see that I am extremely enamored with this lens. The reason is that, notwithstanding its bulk and weight, this lens produces the best nature shots that I have ever managed to take, by far.

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Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR

November 4, 2007

Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR

“First Class Lens”

nikon nikkor 70-200

I was looking for a medium range zoom for my D-70s that was reasonably fast and sharp throughout the zoom range. This lens is a first class winner in all areas. It is my first VR lens (vibration resistance) and that alone makes it worth the cost. No more tripods! It is smooth in operation and feels very solid (if not a little heavy) to use. The f/2.8 speed coupled with 8 aperture leaves gives a velvety smooth bokeh (desirable soft blurred background) that makes your subject snap right out of the shot. The len is razor sharp from 70mm to 200mm. If there is any distortion, I haven’t seen it. With a lens this long, ghosting might show up if you shoot almost directly into the sun. The huge HB-29 lens hood helps a lot. Again, I have not seen any ghosting yet. This is definately a pro/pro-sumer len and its price tag alone re-enforces that fact. If you can afford it, remember the golden rule…it is the lens that makes the picture not the camera. All the pixels in the world can’t make up for a poor lens. If you are ready to play with the big boys, then this belongs in your bag.

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