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Nikon S610C Review

December 2, 2008
Quote: “Good, not great”
Rating: Nikon S610C Review
Review From: D. Hsieh at

Just got my 610c and it’s good, not great.

Things I like:
– WiFi feature is pretty cool. Not exactly sure how much I’ll use it but it’s nice to be able to share pictures and have online backup on an extended trip, provided you can find a compatible hotspot.
– Picture quality is good. I’ve been a Canon user for years and I think the Canon Digic processor produces better pictures, but the Nikon is very good.
– Fast start up time
– Decent battery life, even with WiFi (plus some smart power features like wifi upload when you plug it in)
– Nice, large LCD viewfinder
– Good, intuitive UI
– Smile mode works well

Things I don’t like:
– The shutter speed seems slow, especially in red-eye mode. I find a lot of pics in redeye mode have the people with eyes closed. My Canons never did this.
– All the scene modes are a bit bewildering… I think it will take some time to figure out which modes work best in which situations.
– Proprietary connector for PC, looks like mini-USB, but isn’t


Video Review of Nikon Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

September 30, 2008

Thanks to QQQQcon of YouTube whom has done a great 5minute video review of the Nikon Nikkor 18-200mm lens. The review is accurate, precise and cuts through all the fluff common in video reviews of photography equipment to make the points that need to be in favour and against the Nikon 18-200 MM, while also doing a great job of explaining the meanings and effects of many of the various features to help amateurs understand just exactly what he’s talking about and what makes this a great all around lens.

The reviewer, although not a professional speaker by any means, presents the facts in a great way, making comparisons through his 18-200 review to the 18-55mm & 55-200mm which gives a great contrast to its features and what makes it different / unique… He does not go into a whole lot of technical detail, so if you’re a professional you will want to perhaps look for a more techy review from CameraLabs on YouTube or something similar, but for the average person, QQQQcons is simple yet rich with information and provides a solid unbiased review of Nikon’s Nikkor 18-200mm with his hands on review video above!


Nikon 85 mm Review

September 29, 2008

Nikon 85 mm Review

“Prime Time and Wow Factor”

nikon nikkor 85 f/1.4

Prime Time: I am addicted to fast, prime lenses and this Nikkor does not disappoint! The large aperture makes using the SLR viewfinder a pleasure – super bright, minimal fatigue. Images taken with the 85mm 1.4 are sharp and easily demonstrate the advantage of shooting RAW especially when viewed at 100%. Truly amazing when seen on high resolution monitors. And available light is no longer that elusive quarry. To these ends – sharpness and speed – there are alternatives. Many online reviewers speak highly of the 85mm 1.8 and this sister to the 1.4 is a classic that ranks very high in terms of value. Nonetheless, the smoothness of the out-of-focus portions of images taken with the 1.4 is something that just has to be seen. This is the proverbial stuff of legend. Nikkor’s execution of this optical formula is arguably second to none and when taken in the context of comparisons to German glass one can maybe rationalize value despite the high cost.

Wow Factor: This lens has a nice balance in its proportions. Check out the NikonUSA website and the D3 digital body. This is the lens that completes that picture. And it is an imager to boot!

Of note: The resultant magnification from this or any focal length depends on the format or size of the light sensor. Nikon currently has only one digital body with a 35mm-film equivalent sensor and that is the D3 (Fx format). Any other digital Nikon body (Dx format) will result in greater magnification (1.5x).

Cons: My other lenses (24mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4) have been relegated to the cupboard. For now…

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Nikon’s Nikkor 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 Lens Review

September 5, 2008

Here is a great little youtube video review of Nikon’s Nikkor 18-200mm f3.5 – 5.6 VR Lens for DSLR cameras. The video reviewer is smooth, detailed and accurate (with the exception that he intros the wrong name – corrected in subtitles) in his review, and there is alot of good information for both complete newbies and experts alike.

He starts off going over the VR vibration reduction technology and why it is significant and gives us an idea of how it looks and feels; large, massive zoom, sturdy and weather proof. He moves onto explaining the other features and breaks down what makes it so versatile and powerful in strong detail in a very clear manner.

Nikon's Ultra Versatile 18-200mm lens

Nikon's Ultra Versatile 18-200mm lens

The Nikon 18-200 MM is easily one of the most popular and in demand lenses ever in the Nikon Nikkor lens lineup (and you might have a hard time finding one in stock seeing as how they are so popular and get bought up fast hehe) It covers almost all the focal lengths one could ever expect to encounter in a day-to-day fashion in a single lens and does them all quite well for your average day to day type of photography.

If you have a Nikon DSLR and are looking for an all-in-one type of walkaround lens, look no farther you have found it, as the Nikon 18-200mm is versatile enough that it could replace a whole set of lenses before it… now if only it were easier to find a store where they weren’t all sold out of this master-lens!