Nikon P6000 Review

Quote: “Great Point & Shoot”
Rating: Nikon P6000 Review
Review From: J. R. Bowman at

After reading all the other reviews I couldn’t help but laugh….what did you guys think this camera was going to be? For those of you not old enough to remember, I can assure you that back in the Nikon F days of the late 60’s & early 70’s the 35mm rangerfinders were a compromise vs the SLR’s too! That what this camera is, a compromise between a DSLR and a DP&S (glorified digital instamatic).

This is actually the first digital P&S camera I have ever owned, but have in the past owned a D-70 and currently have a D-200 with the extra battery pack and many Nikon lenses including the 300 2.8 (which weighs a ton.

But I needed a very small HQ camera that would fit in my pocket, give some of the creative control I wanted, be durable and most of all be one 20th the weight of my other camera gear so I would carry it with me all the time and the P6000 has filled that need.

In the last week and a half, I have given this little camera a great workout and tried every conrol feature, every image quality feature, time lapse, GPS & more and have had better than good results in many different modes and conditions leading me to say I am more than happy with this camera because I didn’t expect too much and judged it on it’s own merits.

It will require a bit tweaking to get the image you want but it is well worth it in the end and that is one part of photography I have always liked the best, playing around with the equipment until I get the results I want!

I agree the GPS is semi useless inside a building and the battery life could be better but overall I like this little camera and really enjoy having it with me at all times to capture life’s unexpected moments.


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